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2012-06-05 14:36:40 by an3id

Hi all, haven't posted anything here in ages. I've been working hard at school for good grades. In my spare time, I was working on apps for my Galaxy Ace (running Android). I've learned a ton of new things about games in this past year. I'm actually currently working on a simple game for Android - I'm making the graphics myself, but they seem to be a bit .. primitive. I haven't given up Flash, though - in fact, I'm considering to get back to it after the few months of pause. Anyway, I need a friendly advice - what is the best way to find an animator? I need someone that would be ready to start working on a game as soon as this month ends. If you are an animator, or have a friend animator, and have a free schedule, please inform me.


Wohoo! Check out my redesign of the main character :]

2009-08-16 16:16:28 by an3id

The new design rocks compared to the old one, doesn't it? Made the new one with better colors and a new head :] So, what do ya think :)

I haven't actually given some thought about the story in the game, but I'll work on it. Sadly, I won't be able to finish it by the end of this summer. So far I've made all the animations with the main character and wrote a lot of code for him. I am planning to start working on collecting things during gameplay so that it is more interesting for the player. Who knows what I will think of next :D

Just made a new custom header!

2009-07-09 14:54:06 by an3id

You can see it at the top of my user page. Made it using Adobe Illustrator (I saw a bunch of cool 3D effects made in Illustrator and got inspired...). Tell me what you think!

Also, I want to hear your opinions about my new character design in my previous post here :]

I want your opinion! [and look at my new character design]

2009-07-09 07:27:26 by an3id

Alright, I finished the design of the main character in the game I mentioned in my previous post. You can see the image here. I'd like to hear your opinions about him. In case you are wondering, that thing on his back is an alien device which he will use as a jetpack :) It will be an action game - in a Castle Crashers style :D

I'm new here ;D

2009-05-03 03:46:24 by an3id

Hey guys!

Just wanted to inform you: I'm currently working on a game and will upload it here as soon as it's done. However, I haven't got much time recently, so I'll continue workin' on it in the summer ^^

Oh, and the game will be about an alien robot spy in an alien spaceship (an enemy spaceship), but I won't reveal much more cos I might change the plot.

If everything goes well, the game will be ready by the end of this summer ;-)