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really cool

Just finished the game. I can't believe I've been playing it for a hour and a half :D The puzzles are really well thought of. I had to use the walkthrough for some parts, though.. Anyway, I enjoyed playing the game :)

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Darn good!

Yes, the game is awesome. Graphics are great but when I went to the Scavenger Village and tried to trade something with that guy, somehow my character suddenly ducked and started shooting with his laser gun as if he was under attack and he never stopped - I had to restart the game. Otherwise I like all your games and I am looking forward to playing your future ones.

awesome game

Everything is excellent. However, it would be better if there was a "Main Menu" button during gameplay - so that I don't have to reload the page in case I want to play another level. I rate it 10/10 since I've been waiting for this game for quite a while :)

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neat :D

I don't wanna say how much points I have, cos it doesn't matter :P Anyway, the game is extremely fun and the asteroid and math game has to be the neatest :P

I have 89 points. I don't think I'm stupid.

!timmad - stniop 98 evah I

tinymania responds:

The game only remembers your highest score and there's no limit to how many times you can play. The Mensa members all played it a few times each and kept getting better at it.

Yeah, fix the bug

This is one great and addicting game, but I get annoyed when the music loop suddenly stops playing. I don't think this bug was there with the older versions of the Flash Player - perhaps it is not a bug in the game but in the Flash Player :-? Anyway, I rate it 8/10 because of the loop problem.

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neat :)

I achieved them all. Really addicting game :) 7/10 because the game has no point, actually.

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